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For those of you new to my blog, I thought I should let you know what my mission is. I am working my way through Rachael Ray's 365: No Repeats cookbook. It is my goal over time to prepare all of the recipes in this book. At the pace I am going, it may take me 5 years, but I am practical enough to realize that there is no way that I can cook every single night of the week, as well as purchase all the ingredients for every recipe every night and still keep up the mortgage payments! I hope you are inspired to get into the kitchen and try some new recipes yourself. Your comments are always welcome and I appreciate you stopping by. May the Lord bless you all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Night 31

Recipe 101
Cheddar-Studded Tex-Mex Meatloaf Patties, Scallion Smashed Potatoes, and Spicy Pan Gravy
Matt rating **1/2

Ingredients used:

Ground sirloin
Plain bread crumbs
Worcestershire sauce
Tomato paste
Bell pepper
Garlic clove
Vegetable oil
Chicken stock
Ground coriander
Ground cumin
Sharp cheddar cheese
Sour cream

As you can tell from Matt's rating, this turned out to be a near-disaster! This was a take-off from a master recipe and I had to go back and forth between the two. The directions were incorrect/incomplete so I ended up not using all the ingredients that I should have in the meatloaf patties. Had I done everything correctly, I think this would have turned out much better. I tried to salvage it by topping the meatloaf with the cheese, since I didn't add it beforehand, but alas, it was a tad bit too late. I should have reduced the heat from what the directions said, but was too busy prepping other ingredients to notice that the meatloaf patties turned out really well done. At least I made it to over 30 recipes before we had a bad one! Oh well, on to the next one!


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